Our teas are from Taiwan.  They are certified organic in Taiwan, and the producer is in the process of obtaining USDA NOP organic certification for the teas.  The teas are grown without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  Instead, the farmers use unique organic fertilizers to nourish the land. By using imported lactic acid enzymes, the long-term cultivated and acidified soil is returned to its natural state, and the organic enzymes are used to suppress pests and diseases. The teas are 100% Taiwanese hand-picked and baked with Longan Muwen.  Each batch of tea has passed the European Union’s 443 pesticide residual tests.

The teas are produced at an altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level in the Nantou Xinyi Township Yushan Tea Area.  The farm is surrounded by mountains, and it is one of Taiwan’s few organic mountain tea regions.

Teas are known for detoxifications, so a cup of tea that is produced without pesticides and chemical fertilizers is essential for a healthy body.  Our boba teas are made from green tea, Oolong tea, or Gaba tea (this is a hybrid between Oolong and green teas).